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Updated 31 May 2011, 09:06 by PremekBrada

Prostor pro přípravu projektu - KIV, IntraWorlds


Work in progress

Preliminary ideas and goals

Other relevant successful projects


  • verify novelty
  • establish more detailed goals and plan/schedule -> budget
  • check with someone at TAČR -- doc. Kepka, KKS FST ZČU (člen komise TAČR)
  • when will be Alpha call? when was it last year?.
  • sample successful projects (Janecek KKY)
    • DONE


  • Four type of grants: Alpha, Beta, Omega, "Centra kompetence".
  • Two grants seem to be suitable for us: Alpha and Omega (Beta is for cooperation with government, "Centra Kompetence" needs to cooperate at least 3 commercial subjects)

Common for all grants:

  • outcome of the project may be software
  • expenditures may be: salary of employees, equipment (material and immaterial).

Basic information on programmes

Program Alpha (the most suitable one)
Program Beta
Program Omega
Program CentraKompetence

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