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Updated 24 February 2008, 16:45 by PremekBrada

Here is a shared information repository for students and researchers working on Eclipse plugins. In particular, we are after

  • how to build plugins
  • Equinox extensions over standard OSGi
  • how plugins can be analysed and info about them obtained

Project documentation

Plugin Development

Plugin and Feature Substitutability Checking

ENT-OSGi-Comparator - moje dva projekty v Jave - implementace ENT metamodelu (teoreticky zaklad) a projekt OSGi Comparator - porovna dva OSGi bundly. V tomto projektu se podivejte na tridu cz.zcu.kiv.ent.CompareExample?, kde je ukazka toho, jak to cele pouzivat.

Důležité z Eclipse.org

Eclise Wiki Update Manager Req - requirements for a new update manager.

  • Check the validity of the system before installing (a user should know whether the bundles it installs will resolve or not)
    • But allow, on user's choice, the ability to "install anyway", since the user may be doing things "out of order", or may "know what they are doing" so an invalid system is not fatal. David williams
  • Warn user if installing a new version of a bundle will invalidate other (downstream) bundle dependencies.
  • Support rollback in case of failure during the install
  • A simple update API for use in RCP applications. Phill P. (the update API should enable an eclipse based product to verify that it is current (no updates needed) or that it requires an update and than performs an update (maybe without any user interaction).
  • The format of the descriptors should be based on an open standard for feeds that has author, copyright, update time, etc. and can have arbitrary XML payloads for encapsulating any data necessary Alex B.

Novinky v Eclipse 3.3 zejména v oblasti komponent (scheduled for June 2007)

  • In 3.3 we will implement and adopt the OSGi 4.1 MEG application model. [Equinox] (bug 154084)
  • There are a number of gaps in the OSGi specifications that Eclipse is currently filling in specific ways and should be addressed in R4.1. For example the management of API in metadata (x-friends and x-internal), integration techniques for third party and legacy code, in-place execution of bundles, basic notions of data location, etc.
  • (Deferred item) Improved support for provisioning. Eclipse has advanced quite quickly with new use-cases (RCP, Equinox, server side, etc.) and new technologies (e.g., OSGi and OSGi's MEG) coming into the picture. To date Update Manager has not been enhanced to support or exploit these changes. In 3.3 we will investigate provisioning support for enhanced workflows, the ability to update the so-called "root files" (e.g., startup.jar, eclipse.exe), improved efficiency (download and disk footprint), support for right-grained discovery and acquisition of function as well as integration with differing repository types. This effort also includes enhancements to the tooling around provisioning. [Update] (154077)
  • As JSR 291 evolves in the Java SE 6 time frame, PDE will be there to provide developer support. 3.3 will include tooling around OSGi Declarative Services and the new application model as well as improved support for launching other frameworks, Java applications with bundle based classpaths and "hot launching" frameworks. (Note: significant work was done on this item, but not enough to cover it's full scope. See the bug for more info.) [PDE] (154079)

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