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Updated 12 July 2005, 12:54 by PremekBrada

Evaluation of the Textpattern CMS

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  • personal: quite-well
  • community: quite-well
  • news: quite-well
  • shop: partly
  • company: partly


Evaluated version: gamma 1.18a (April 2004)

Size OK
unzipped size [0.5MB], plug-in architecture [yes], coverage of items below [most].
Platform OK
structured PHP [yes], MySQL? [yes]
Install and setup OK
time to go operational [5min], web-based config [all], multiple sites in one CMS instance [yes]
Plain text edit OK
wiki-like input [no], textile [yes] (textile native, same author ;-)
WYSIWYG editing KO
wysiwyg [no], configurable [n/a] -- maybe could hack txp core.
Generated HTML OK
valid XHTML [yes] (partly depends on template used).
Templating OK
user control [variable-template], website section differentiation [yes], snippet templates [yes].
Domain-specific applications OK
mechanism for app inclusion [both].
User management OK
users and roles [roles], user groups with privileges [no].
Content structuring OK
hierarchical content [multilevel], hierarchical URL [complex-rewrite], hierarchical presentation [blog/tweaks].
Localization OK
L10N? and I18N? issues separate in implementation [yes].
Metadata OK
can set metadata [page], metadata supported [keywords] -- but see grumbles.
URL features OK
link contents [id/titles] (can choose in setup), search-engine friendly URLs? [tweaks] -- via .htaccess content type forcing.
Archiving KO
supports archiving (rather than deleting) old content [no], content is versioned [no].
Statistics so-so
usage stats gathered [yes], can create polls [no].
Documentation so-so
templating manual [rough], programming manual [rough].


  • installation -- web wizard, up and running in 3 minutes
  • content structuring -- easy to understand, hierarchical categories, menu definition based on them: it's a snap! where is the catch? read the grumbles...
  • localisation -- easy, just edit lang file; however...
  • templating -- page/section templates defined within the CMS itself => easy to custom-develop; templates can include PHP code => easy to wrap current apps
  • plug-ins easy to develop and plug in ;-)


  • localisation -- charsets seems conflicting: pages generated use UTF-8, but UTF-based lang file displays rubbish
  • templates -- difficult to export/share; would benefit from user params on forms, and txp: tags in stylesheet def.
  • content structuring -- hierarchical categories, but these can't be used to hierarchically structure the content presentation... so one must hack with sections, via name conventions to express hierarchy...
  • WYSIWYG editing -- I have not tried to put htmlarea as the article editor, as it would mean changing txp core.
  • applications -- very few plug-ins (at the time of writing) for common things (polls, mailing, calendars, events)