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Updated 24 May 2011, 15:56 by PremekBrada

Flyspray, as easy and powerful as it is, sort of does not fly anymore - the development has been stalled for the last couple of years. So, here is a list of my favourite stuff to improve upon. Roughly decreasing importance:


  • [admintrivia] sync the assembla implementation with latest on github master
  • the task detail page should have input field on "This task blocks these from closing" to add dependencies directly, same way as "Depends on"
  • native effort tracking
    • fields: original estimate (write once), current estimate (overwrite-able), time spent -- all in hours, all edits logged in task history
    • automatic summing for "all in current task list"
    • in Roadmap, show "thermometer" for effort spent on closed tasks vs total effort planned for the given Version


  • native effort tracking
    • NTH: summing for "depends on"
    • NTH: for Due in Versoin, percentage + count of tasks that have no effort estimate
    • burndown chart for Due in version
    • NTH: for all team members: table "how many hrs / week I can allocate for this project" => total weekly time budget, needed for burndown
  • visual diff for Subversion commit - link to rev#123 shows list of affected files + their diffs (like Assembla or Redmine does)
  • Flyspray -> wiki integration (have [[WikiSpace/PageName]] syntax link to given page off a per-project base URL)
  • more/detailed/customizable statistics and reports (TBD needs elaboration)
    • burndown chart as part of Roadmap page: Version has start and delivery date, "Due in version" groups tasks for its milestone/iteration, NTH: team's weekly budget gives total time available for the version, task estimates eat from this budget => burndown
  • saved task list views - view defines columns, sort order
  • Mylyn connector

Nice to have (NTH)

  • usability of task edit (buttons on form top not bottom, screen positions of edit widgets as in view, if user has rights show task directly in edit mode?)
  • hyperlinked values in task list and detail (version name -> all tasks due in that version, etc)
  • usability of task list
    • default sort order for task list, per project / user
    • strikethrough closed issues
  • simplified user interface + access rights to use for helpdesk / support / client issue reporting and tracking
  • issue and comment submission via email
  • twitter etc integration (add Twitter as task change announcement channel)
  • "copy issue id and summary to clipboard" => use via "paste" eg in svn -m log message


  • improve mass edit task data (from tasklist / search results page)
    • in "all projects" task list, only global fields are editable
    • in single project list, all task fields are editable
  • custom fields (like Assembla, including treating most of the predefined as custom ie ability to disable)
    • they are implemented in 1.0.0.dev on flyspray.org, let's check that first
    • what should we have: add own field(s) including basic type (number/text/...), add custom field to task list, search/filter uses custom fields; nice to haves: disable std field(s)
  • check on Assembla, other SVN repositories Flyspray -> subversion (+ mercurial, git) integration (have rev#123 turned into hyperlink to ViewVC page of the given changeset, per project)
    • better: project config = URL of svn/... web access with placeholders for project name and revision number
  • API
  • Subversion -> Flyspray integration (API or simple one-purpose .php script call on commit hook, close FS#123 and similar syntax in svn commit message adds a comment to the given task with the commit message plus link to changeset; even better would be to enforce task changes)

Some notes by the developer: http://www.evernote.com/pub/jendarybak/flyspray