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Updated 28 February 2012, 09:32 by PremekBrada

The Problem: How to perform a software development project in university settings, where there is high volatility of tasks and interrupts, necessity of handling several projects in parallel, and crew of part-time student developers instead of a full-time dedicated team.

Motto: "agilní programování je - začni jednoduše (odspoda) a používej rozum - versus "klasické" metodiky - tohle všechno jsou věci, které proces může a ty vyškrtej to co nepotřebuješ" (P.Ferschmann, osobní korespondence)

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Crumbs of wisdom collected thus far

People, roles

  • myself as Scrum Master or the like - act as lubricant, i.e. devote time to coordinating and use spare moments for programming [discussion with XP workshop at ESEC/FSE, infoq 2008/05/handling-interruptions]
  • "you have 5 part-time people and the customer thinks you have a team while in reality you have 1 full-time person, if not less" [infoq 2008/05/handling-interruptions]

Process, activities

  • iterations of 4-8 weeks (remember the team is working with 20-30% allocated time at the best, so real amount is 1-2 weeks of work)
  • plan iterations with half-fixed deadline: set deadline, if really necessary move it during iteration but not too far - balance "cut features" and "extend time" reasonably [self]
  • try hard to have weekly or bi-weekly meetings, roughly in SCRUM daily meeting style [self]


  • use bugtracker as planning tool [self]
  • whiteboard, digital camera, and wiki as meeting documentation tools [self, after agile modeling]