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OSGiBundleVersioningService / ReleaseNotes

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Updated 01 October 2010, 11:14 by PremekBrada

Release notes for the OSGi Bundle Versioning Service (OBVS).

Release 1.0.beta and 1.0.beta2 (6th Sept, 2010)

First public release of the service.

Known limitations


  • Does not provide detailed problem reporting (bundle broken vs. service broken)
  • (Bug filed)

OSGi level

  • Qualifier part of the version IDs? is dropped upon versioning
  • Changes in imported packages not considered (e.g. adding an imported package should bump major part of Bundle-Version, but does not)
  • Declarative Services not handled
  • Private-Package packages not versioned
  • "include" and "exclude" directives not handled, "specification-version" attribute ignored (not updated; only the "version" attribute is updated)
  • (Bugs filed)

Java level

  • Java 5 features (generics, annotations) not considered in bundle comparison
  • Some complex generics are not represented and therefore are not compared
  • Underlying Java comparator throws exceptions on certain class recursion patterns

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